Dale Joseph   |   General Manager

Dale Joseph has been a vital leader to our New Orleans location since 2015. As general manager, Dale is present in all aspects of our projects. He is always present to make sure our products meet quality standards and projects run smoothly and efficiently. In other words, he is a captain of day to day operations. When not in the office, Dale can be found relaxing with his grandchildren and watching live sports. 

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Brittany Ranson   |   Designer

As one of our avid designers, Brittany has expertly intertwined her love of music and art; one can usually find Brittany at her desk working on designs and jamming to the sweet sounds of music. Brittany’s favorite part of her job is seeing clients fall in love with their final product. She is also fond of seeing her work published throughout the city.

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Todd Mathieu   |   Production Lead

One can always see Todd with a smile on his face at Image360. Being our most cheerful employee, it’s not surprising that his favorite part about Image360 are his coworkers. Todd can usually be found at the back of the shop weeding vinyl, routing signs, and finishing orders. His hobbies outside of work consist of rugby and weightlifting. All in all, he is a gentle giant. Todd’s favorite Image360 moment was hanging with his coworkers at the annual Christmas party.

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Sara B. Cardenas   |   Customer Service Representative and Quality Control

Sara started at the sign shop as an assistant designer for a specific client. Three years later, her job description has now bloomed to include CSR, QC, and an accounting assistant at Image360. Sara can usually be found doing one of four things: filing paperwork, communicating with clients, inspecting projects, and/or sneaking treats from Brittany’s snack drawer. Her hobbies include trying new restaurants, knitting, and socializing with people.

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Chris Gianelloni   |   Lead Designer

One of Chris’ favorite things about work is the fact that he works with his friends. As lead designer, he is usually found at his desk consulting clients and designing. His passion for art spills over into his personal life: Chris can also be found drawing and animating outside of work. Chris’ favorite food is two tacos from Taco Bell, one inside of the other. He calls it the Frankenstein.

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Christian Gobert   |   Customer Service Representative and Quality Control

As daughter of the owner, Christian has been knowing signs front and back from a very young age. You can always find her stationed at the front desk consulting clients on all their various needs. Christian’s favorite part about her job is helping clients achieve their vision for their project. When off the job, Christian can be found working out and being her toddler’s personal chauffer. Christians favorite Image360 moment was the completion of her lobby’s renovation.

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Jhonny D'Onza   |   Production Assistant

Image360 New Orleans welcomes its newest member, Jhonny D'Onza! Jhonny can usually be found at the shop routing and adding final touches to our projects. His favorite part of his job is installing. The bigger the install, the better! When not at the sign shop, Jhonny leads an active lifestyle: his hobbies include traveling, fishing, and playing soccer.

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Michelle Gobert   |   Owner of Image360 Central New Orleans

Michelle and her husband decided to invest in the sign business after marveling at the amount of work and signage it took to host Super Bowl XXIV. She opened her first Signs Now Center in New Orleans (now Image360 Central New Orleans) in 1990, followed by our location in Slidell.

Her consultative approach, keen eye for powerful visual communications, and use of state-of-the-art equipment quickly built a formidable reputation among clients. These qualities have allowed her to develop professional graphic solutions for thousands of organizations across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region, ranging from small businesses to big-name customers like the NFL, NBA and NHL.

Along the way she's picked up numerous awards and accolades, including the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Women of Color Achievement Award, and Women in Print Award.

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